All The Rage: Rear Window Wagging Cat Tail Car Decal

August 26, 2013


This is the $13 Moving Tail Kitty Car Decal from ThinkGeek. You get both a happy cat and grumpy cat decal and four tails to make your rear windshield wiper look like it's wagging. Don't have a car with a rear windshield wiper? Congratulations, your decal cat has a butthole. My truck actually does have a rear windshield, but I'm holding out for a version that looks like it pees wiper fluid. You know, class it up a bit. "Aww, look at that, kids -- it's a kitty. And it looks like it's...OH MY GOD, COVER YOUR EYES. Who's driving that car, the devil?"

Note to self: buy devil horns this Halloween.

Hit the jump for a video showing the tail's full range of motion.

Thanks to Danielle, who just plastered her entire front windshield with the things and now has to drive everywhere in reverse.

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