Alien Xenomorph Ring Morphs Into Brass Knuckles

August 22, 2013


Brass knuckles: if you use them in a fist fight it's cheating and I will stab you because if you're going to cheat I'm going to cheat even worse. The first rule of fighting is if you break a rule there are no rules anymore. Trust me, I used to do MMA. No I didn't, but I did have to do 200 hours of community service at a YMCA thrift store for trespassing on government property. I SOLD SO MANY BROKEN ELECTRONICS. This is the xenomorph ring made by Etsy seller kilroysattic that folds out into brass knuckles. And by brass I mean plastic resin. Brass or not, I still wouldn't want to get punched with them. I don't even like pillow-fighting at slumber parties because one time my buddy Sean put a bunch of Hot Wheels in the bottom of his sleeping bag and gave me a black eye. It's cool though, eventually I made out with his sister. You know what they say: revenge is a dish best served almost a decade later, back by the Golden Tee machine in some redneck bar in Alabama. She tasted like chewing tobacco.

Hit the jump for a video of the morphing in action shot in sad portrait mode.

Thanks to Travis, who once brought a knife to a gunfight by mistake but thankfully showed up late and everybody had already shot and killed each other. Close one!

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