50 Questionable Things 'Every Geek Should Know'

August 27, 2013


Note: This is only a small portion of the graphic, hit the jump to see the whole mile-long thing.

This is an infographic featuring 50 things that somebody believes every geek should know. That person is obviously not me, because I don't give a shit if you know all or none of these things. I don't even care if you're wearing underwear today, unless you plan on sitting on my lap, in which case you better be wearing one of those leak-proof adult diapers. Since when does everybody have to know something anyways? Maybe you're not into Dr. Who, maybe you don't play Warcraft, maybe you aren't into building Bitcoin mining computers. You know what? Who f***ing cares? Can you still call yourself a geek? Absolutely. Can you call yourself the sexiest man in the universe? Sure, but you'd be lying. *booty popping* Fun fact: when I'm pole dancing I can wrap my buttcheeks so far around the pole you can't see it anymore.

Hit the jump for the entire thing.


Thanks to Carsten, who agrees anybody trying to argue they're a bigger geek than somebody else is definitely the bigger dork.

  • Tim Marshall

    Han is the only one who shot.

  • Joe Ferschke

    This is hipster fodder.Trying to prove you're more geeky than someone else is what wrongfully elitist hipsterpigs do.

  • Brandon

    I count 13, and that's giving myself some leeway on a couple of things. The creator of this can go fuck themselves.

  • Liang Li

    This sort of reminds me about an article I read where a black professor said the SAT's were racist and gave a bunch of questions from the "Black SATs". I wish I could dig up that article

  • zin

    "How to set up a LAN party" in this day & age of always-online DRM.
    Have enough time to play Dorf, Minecraft, WoW & Magic:The Gathering in one lifetime.
    "Arrow to the knee" joke at the end.

    So many reasons this should just be flushed back down he bowels of the internet this came from.

  • How can they get all uppity about who can and can't call themselves a geek and then refer to The Doctor as Doctor Who? Unless Wotan made this it's a load of crap!

  • Matthew Anderson

    All these comments just PROOVE how geek is the opposite of hipster.

  • CatieCan

    This is silly. A lot of geekdom is about fanatical focus on one specific area. Not knowing about anime doesn't make a Dr Who fan less geeky, or vice versa. This is the same bollocks that gets thrown around to prove to prove someone isn't a "true geek" because they can't name an exact series and issue number for some specific plot point or were introduced to a fandom through a TV cartoon not comics. Why isn't the creator of this graphic trying to welcome more people to the party, instead of excluding as many as he can?

  • B. Tannen

    They should change the title to "50 things a Basement Autist probably knows".

  • Holly Haze

    Way to go, not only did you insult the people who come to the website you're on (great move, by the by), but you insulted people with a neurological disorder.

    Kindly fuck off.

  • Adapter

    Thanks for stereotyping, jerk off. All of us aren't obsessive freaks who hang out in basements all day just because we have an ASD.

  • I didn't agree with most of this. I got an email asking to embed it on my blog but i couldn't bring myself to do it.

    Being a geek is about being passionate about something - I do't give a damn if you can solve a Rubik's cube (I can't), know how to jailbreak an iPhone (I can't) or know 5 phrases in Klingon (I don't).

    But if you run up to me and squee because I'm wearing a steampunk Super Metroid T shirt, then I'll buy you a drink.

  • J Doe

    This is the most retarded mix of pop culture, shit that no one cares about, and memes I have ever seen.

  • How about if I know the names of at least 13 actors who have played Dr Who, including Peter Cushing (movies) and Rowan Atkinson (charity specials)?

  • TheOtakuX

    What about Richard E. Grant, Jim Broadbent, Hugh Grant, and Joanna Lumley from The Curse of Fatal Death? And, soon, Peter Capaldi, of course.

  • Brandon


  • monkie

    There are more items about star wars or star trek than about doctor who or dune. That makes it unfair from the start.
    Also, it's the stupidest thing I've seen in a long time.

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