#1 At Something: The US Hosts 60% Of The World's P0rn

August 14, 2013


Because we were determined to be number one at something, the US is the largest p0rn hoster in the world, accounting for 60% of all the boobs and penises on the internet -- some 428-million pages worth. That...is a lot of privates. And I've probably only seen a quarter of them.

The data was collected by Paul Walsh of a company called Metacard. He found that the U.S. is second only to the Netherlands, which has 187 million pages for a population of 17 million porn-hungry people. The U.K. came in third with 52 million naughty pages, or about one for every person. Germany was fourth with 8 million pages.

California alone hosts 66% of all US p0rn, making the state responsible for just under 40% of all worldwide p0rn hosting. Wow, what a great state to live in. It's amazing I can even step out the door without running into some internet smut. *runs to get mail, trips over well manicured penis*

Thanks to Lizzie, who's petitioning for her state to ramp up p0rn hosting and put itself on the map.

  • Paul Walsh

    Would you please be kind enough to correct our company name? It's MetaCert - not metacard as published in this post.

    Many thanks,

  • Dave

    The Netherlands FTW. 16 million people and over 1/4 of the porn hostage. Internet freedom

  • Shuji Terayama

    Well it's about hosting but you know, Japan makes the most hardcore porn in this world and also produces more legal and illegal porn than any other first world country.

  • Paul Walsh

    @shujiterayama:disqus You're right about the amount of porn created in Japan, especially illegal content. There is content which is not illegal in Japan but is practically everywhere else in the world.

  • l1qu1d

    Why on earth is the British Virgin Islands over South Africa? Last I checked it was above Venezuela...

  • Etienne Carl Jean Aijal

    WHOO HOO!! WE'RE NUMBER 2!! a bit surpriced thou..

  • Matthew Mack

    US also has 18 times the population as the Netherlands, but only 2 1/2 times the sites.. So another raw data fudged stat.

  • Paul Walsh

    Matthew, these stats aren't fudged. We have over 7.2 million unique domains (or 720 million pages) classified. We store the IP address for every domain. These stats are accurate.

  • Lawrence Yum

    Thanks 'merica, Australia appreciates your services

  • Grindzombie

    I double-checked your math on the "66% of 60% = just under 40%" thing (spoiler alert: it's 39.6%). it checks out. You've officially lodged yourself just above Fox News and just below the Onion in the credibility department! congratulations and huzzah!

  • Matthew Mack

    But CNN is fine of course..

  • sw_robot_yoda

    Kinda surprised about the British Virgin Islands being on there for such a small place.

  • Torse

    What happened to Africa?
    All those Natty Gs? Come on, guys.

  • RussianDroid

    HEY! Russia...wtf?

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    I thought Germany would be...Number 2.

  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers

    I am not surprised about the US, but I am impressed that the Netherlands has such a high percent for a small country.

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