#1 At Something: The US Hosts 60% Of The World's P0rn

August 14, 2013


Because we were determined to be number one at something, the US is the largest p0rn hoster in the world, accounting for 60% of all the boobs and penises on the internet -- some 428-million pages worth. That...is a lot of privates. And I've probably only seen a quarter of them.

The data was collected by Paul Walsh of a company called Metacard. He found that the U.S. is second only to the Netherlands, which has 187 million pages for a population of 17 million porn-hungry people. The U.K. came in third with 52 million naughty pages, or about one for every person. Germany was fourth with 8 million pages.

California alone hosts 66% of all US p0rn, making the state responsible for just under 40% of all worldwide p0rn hosting. Wow, what a great state to live in. It's amazing I can even step out the door without running into some internet smut. *runs to get mail, trips over well manicured penis*

Thanks to Lizzie, who's petitioning for her state to ramp up p0rn hosting and put itself on the map.

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