You've Gotta Be Kidding Me: The Human Slingshot Game

July 11, 2013


Headbutt to the neck, here it comes!

This is the $75 Human Slingshot, a giant flexible band you and three friends stand in and take turns launching each couple standing opposite each other across the middle to the other side. You really just have to watch the video to understand. But you don't really have to watch the video to understand how dangerous this could be. It's all fun and games till Slingshot Scotty throws an elbow. Then what? Then you're trapped in a four-person mosh pit AND ONLY ONE PERSON IS COMING OUT ALIVE. Well that's how I would play anyways. I also play Monopoly with real money.

Hit the jump for an instructional video that definitely made me want to lay on the couch and play video games.

Thanks to Bryce and Jessica C, who agree this is definitely not what came to mind when they first heard the term 'human slingshot'.

  • Darcy

    PARENTS BEWARE! My 11 year old daughter was playing this at a friends house and ended up with a fractured and dislocated clavicle. The ER Doc said she will more than likely require surgery due to the severity of her injuries.
    What a terrible terrible terrible idea for a "game"!!!! This toy has NO recommended age limit on it either!!!!

  • PastMidnight

    I think I'm gonna be motion sickness cant handle the video let alone the real thing.

  • lmern

    THIS is why aliens haven't sent official envoys...

  • Iknowyou

    I can think of a lot more useful ways to use this product than to propel around a bunch of fake friends with fake smiles. Like a easy home made hammock for instance. .

  • Stephanie Eylar

    I would buy this, if it was like 8 dollars

  • Madstronaut

    Looks like broken noses/teeth, while being bored

  • It's like a mini hadron collider, but for people.

  • SoderThun

    More missing teeth than hockey players..

  • lordpikachu

    yalll are all haters. this looks awesome

  • Jesse Cardoza

    This is something only white people would buy.

  • da1nonlysage

    this needs more up-votes

  • Michael Knight

    wow now i can sell of my trampoline and get this safer gym activity!

  • I don't have enough friends to use this.

  • Guest

    I don't know if I would be proud that I got 36 up votes, or sad that 36 people found it positive I had few friends.

  • lmern

    31 people share her sentiment...

  • Jade

    See it featured on the next Jack Ass movie

  • Joel Lamm

    Are they patented after Rosie o'donnell's underwear?

  • matgeek

    Weak sauce man. I hope they're not entering that sauce in the county fair... cause it's weak.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    How far did that slingshot propel those 2 guys back up the ramp? 12 inches, maybe? I'll just take my $75 to the strip club like a good American, thank you very much!

  • simplyshiny

    ...that doesn't look fun....

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