You've Got To Be Kidding Me: Cosmetic Hand Surgery To Change Your Palm Reading Destiny

July 31, 2013


Because in Japan there's no such thing as going too far, for around ¥10,000 (~$1,000) Shonan Beauty Clinic plastic surgeon Takaaki Matsuoka will burn better palm reading creases into your hand with an electric scalpel. Cool, I want my sex line extended all the way around the back of my hand and made into a loop FOR INFINITE BOOTY.

From January 2011 to May 2013, 37 palm plastic surgeries have been performed at the Shonan Beauty Clinic alone. Matsuoka isn't too sure that this surgery can actually change fate. However, he believes it may have a placebo effect on his patients. If someone believes their luck will improve, it just might. Men usually wish to change their business related success lines, such as the fate line, the money-luck line, and the financial line. Whereas, women often want to change their marriage line.

Hey, the placebo effect works. If you think you're going to do better at something, you are going to do better -- that's the power of positive thinking. I mean, unless you switch out my real meds for Advil in the morning, in which case I'll be burning this planet to ashes before noon.

Hit the jump for another shot of the totally not a waste of money.


Thanks to PYY, who wants her love line burnt into the shape of a heart. Daaaaw!

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