You Don't Deserve Toys: Jerky Kids Knocked Over This 100,000-Piece LEGO Helicopter, Got Caught

July 1, 2013


A group of kids in Australia knocked over this 100,000-piece LEGO Erickson Air-Crane built by Ryan McNaught. The $25,000 copter was on display at the Cairns Central Shopping Centre when the little jerks pushed it off its display table. Thankfully, authorities have already identified two of the kids from CCTV footage, who have since been apprehended and JUSTICE SERVED. Just not as much justice as I would have hoped.

They have been charged "with one count each of enter premises and willful damage over the weekend and will be dealt with under the provisions of the Youth Justice Act," according to The police are expecting to capture the other group members.

Youth Justice Act? What the hell is that? It better not prevent these little shits from being tried as ADULTS and getting some serious PRISON TIME. I want them to be in there until they're 21, and you know what I want them to get for their 21st birthdays? Their paroles denied. It may sound harsh but just imagine that jolly man in the picture crying himself to sleep when he found out his copter got smashed.

Hit the jump for a couple shots of the helicopter during better days.




Thanks to jarhead and Tim, who don't knock things over because they aren't little jerks.

  • Tracytron

    Literally 100% agree >: (

  • blarney

    Cairns....U know who did it...those kids

  • Dom

    LOL! PLEASE tell me that the last charge levied is ACTUALLY referred to as "Willful damage over the weekend".

  • antalicus

    I always thought when they built these big ass Lego sculptures they were smart enough to use glue.

  • Mr.Lobo

    $25,000 and it can't fly? pffff

  • comqld

    They will get away with it, Australia youth justice act is bullshit they will get a slap on the wrist and get away with it.

  • DannyOz

    They should get a slap on the wrist. They knocked over a lego helicopter. There's still 25,000 bucks there, Ryan just needs to get busy...

  • Corky McButterpants

    Perhaps it'll make Ryan take a good look at his life, start wearing big boy pants and try and find a girlfriend...?

  • Was I the only one who misread the title as "Jerry's Kids" and thought a rowdy group of kids with muscular dystrophy were to blame? Cuz I for sure did that.

  • Xillra fe

    just you, lol.

  • matgeek

    They should make those little rat-scallions put it back together, one piece at a time.

  • SplatTab

    Wouldn't that be a reward

  • catallergy

    how else would you put together a lego set but one piece at a time :)

  • matgeek

    I meant, likely there are large parts of the structure that didn't fall apart -- but screw that, take it all apart and make them start from single blocks.

  • catallergy

    I know what you meant. I was just being a wise ass.

  • War_Machiine

    and then they find one piece left over after they rebuild it

  • Xillra fe

    that is literally the best idea ever.

  • Jason Lau

    Punishing them by making them play with Legos? Hmm...

  • matgeek

    I honestly can't imagine that building a 100,000 piece, lego structure resembles anything like "playing" ;-)

  • Fercho

    If you accidentally walk barefoot onto a bunch of legos, you may cry a bit.

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