Would Chug: Borderlands 2 Inspired Beer Bottle Labels

July 9, 2013


This is a series of Borderlands 2 inspired beer bottle labels designed by artist Nick Fillis. I would drink all of them. Preferably at Moxxi's bar. Then I'll play the slots till I'm broke, pick a fight with a psycho, and be shot and killed. I want my tombstone to read something heroic. Something like, "He wasn't the best vault hunter on Pandora, just the one who spent the most time crouched down circling Moxxi trying to see her underwear."

Hit the jump for closeups of the others.





Thanks to my pal Terry, who drinks Sierra Nevada cans which makes me jealous because they only sell bottles around here AND I LIKE SMASHING CANS IT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE THE HULK, OKAY?

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