World's Largest Dinosaur Park Gets The Green Light

July 25, 2013


The last time we checked in with Australian billionaire Clive Palmer his dinosaur park sounded like a pipe dream (albeit the sexiest pipe dream), but now the regional council has voted and the park is currently under construction. Unfortunately, there was no mention of the actual cloned dinosaurs he wanted to have running around. Fingers crossed he's just keeping those under wraps until he can fly me and a group of scientists out for a secret unveiling a la 'Jurassic Park'. I get to ride with Jeff Goldblum though.

The Sunshine Coast regional council voted unanimously to approve the plans which include 149 life-size dinosaur models to join the already existing eight-metre tall T-Rex named Jeff, and a vintage car museum, all within the grounds of Palmer's Coolum resort.

The approval was subject to 30 conditions, including noise and environmental concerns and on the proviso that all models would abide by various height restrictions of a maximum six metres, except for a Ruyangosaurus which will stand 10 metres tall.

Roaring from the dinosaurs must not exceed 5 decibels above background noise levels. No vegetation is proposed to be removed and the resort site's environmentally sensitive areas are to be protected.

So 150 life-size dinosaur models and a vintage car museum? That's an unusual combo. Still, I would trade you all those fiberglass dinos AND a 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa for an actual living dinosaur. Granted I don't have those things to trade, but you show me a live dino and I'll get them. I'm like that movie 'Gone In 60 Seconds', if it was about a guy who will stop at nothing to fulfill his lifelong dream of pushing a dinosaur in a stroller.

Thanks to THWG and Bria, who promised to take me on opening day before all the dinosaurs get touched by kid's grubby little hands.

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