WIRED Brings 9.5-Foot Robot Costume To Comic-Con

July 19, 2013


I spy a Steve Jobs lookalike!

WIRED magazine teamed up with the Stan Winston School and Legacy Effects to bring this 9.5-foot, 400-pound robot costume to this year's San Diego Comic-Con. And this is a video of Mythbusters' Adam Savage meeting the beast. When I meet it? A way more exciting video.

They came up with an aluminum and urethane behemoth, and invented an innovative control mechanism to let the robot arms replicate even the smallest movements of the pilot's. Except, you know, with a 12-foot wingspan.

The robot also has a bunch of guns and blinking lights and robot sounds. But you know what it doesn't have? A loving partner. You know why? Because robots don't have feelings. And if they don't have feelings then we shouldn't feel bad CUTTING THEM DOWN LIKE METAL TREES. *chainsawing legs off, BZZZZZZZZ!* "Chill GW, it's just a costume -- there's a person in there!" Oh shit, is that...bone? "Told you." Right, and you expected me to hear you OVER THE SOUND OF A F***ING CHAINSAW? This is all your fault, I'm not going back to jail.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Believer and Max, who have every intention of hiding under a Comic-Con booth's display table then tying the robot's shoelaces together when it passes. "It doesn't have laces." PLAN B -- HIT IT WITH A ROCK.

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