Sink/Urinal Combo Saves Water, But Will It Encourage Dudes To Wash Their Hands? SPOILER: Probably Not

July 12, 2013


First of all, the sink/urinal combo isn't a new concept. I posted one back in 2010 here, and I'm sure it's existed even before then. The idea is that the combo 1. will save water by using the 'gray' water you just washed your hands with to flush the toilet and 2. encourage dudes to actually wash their hands because the sink is RIGHT THERE. Unfortunately, most dudes are determined to not wash their hands and don't care if they flush a urinal or not because most men are f***ing disgusting. Literally, guys treat the sink like an obstacle they have to dodge on their way out of the bathroom. That's why I don't shake dude's hands in bars. Or anywhere for that matter because the chances are they still has pecker residue on their fingers.

Thanks to Joey, who told me he always washes his hands before and after handling his goods because he cares about hygiene.

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