Where Were These When I Was Broken?: 3-D Printed Casts

July 2, 2013


These are the conceptual 3-D printed 'Cortex' casts envisioned by designer Jake Evill (not to be confused with the Jake EVIL, who wants to see us all dead). They're awesome because if you break your arm a frienemy can't draw a penis on your cast. I've had to be casted up three separate times in my life and nobody could ever just sign their f***ing name like a normal person.

Out of the printer, the cast is left hinged and unfastened, so that it can be fitted around the wearer and then snapped shut, using integrated fasteners. Even when closed, however, the limb is still open to washing - and the cast itself is waterproof - while also being slim enough that a regular shirt sleeve will fit over it.

The nylon structure would take some time to print, roughly three hours it's estimated, from the algorithmically-calculated CAD plans, but once produced would immediately be durable; that's unlike existing casts, which demand a period of up to three days to set fully solid.

I'm all for it, I hated regular casts. I'm also the kind of person who will spaz out and lose my shit because I can't take my cast off and has to be tranquilized before running out to the garage to grab a circular saw. I've had to be casted from wrist to shoulder twice. I couldn't even shower my arm -- you know what it smelled like? Low tide in a dirty gym sock. I could seriously get friends to puke by sniffing it. Nobody wanted to sit next to me at lunch. I had to itch myself with a coat hanger, then when they finally took the thing off all my arm hair had turned black and fell out. I felt like some sort of depressed zoo animal.

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Thanks to Gese, revvy and Paulina, who don't break bones, only hearts. I'm not sure if that's better or worse.

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