US Governments Deems Pro 'League Of Legends' Video Game Players Professional Athletes, Awards Work Visas

July 15, 2013


After a crusade by League of Legends developer Riot Games, the US government now recognizes the game's professional players as professional athletes, and will award them visas to come to the country and work (read: play the game). MUST BE NICE.

"This is groundbreaking for eSports; now we can start looking at international players when they come over. It's a much easier process because they're actually recognized by the government. This is a huge thing."

"This was a lengthy process; we had a lot of people fighting for this. It wasn't something that happened overnight," Allen continued.

He further explained that Riot went back and forth with the government multiple times before enough evidence was provided to prove that the game is a legitimate sport.

Heck yeah! It's about time video gamers receive the professional athlete status they deserve. And I'm not just saying that because this is the best chance I stand of ever becoming a professional athlete, but I did score in the other team's goal playing for my middle school basketball team.

Thanks to Fortune, who only video games in athletic shorts.

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