Ultra Minimalist Geeky TV Show And Movie LEGO Builds

July 15, 2013


This is a decent sized gallery of minimalist LEGO builds from different geeky shows and movies, all constructed by simplicity-loving Nick Desimone (of minimalist LEGO Ninja Turtles fame). It's amazing how little it takes to make a completely recognizably scene. Me? like to make recognizable celebrity silhouettes from a single piece of string. Here, hold out your hand and tell me who this one is. "Wait -- is this...a pube?" Ahahahahaha, you fell for it! But yeah I found it on my sink.

Hit the jump for a whole bunch more, including He-Man, Jurassic Park, Beetlejuice, Batman, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, The Walking Dead and more.

















Thanks Nick, and keep up the good work.k

  • Jessie Stanley

    Okay, I got them all except the 13th frame........wanna say it's from Short Circuit, but I could be wrong.....can anyone let me know what it's from?

  • Jessie Stanley

    Nevermind, was told it's from Walking Dead. Thanks anyway!!~~

  • mtertainment

    I know it's hair...but I really, really love the idea of Hulk wearing a very tiny, black top hat.

  • Guest

    Jurassic Weed was a good movie.

  • ben

    all very good but why are the ghost busters nekid, gandalfs peak is obviously not a lego bit and has been made and it that one with the big marijuana leaf cheech and chong? they're very cool though

  • nicholas desimone

    hey dude i made all those!, and no pieces have been altered or fabricated that ruins the challenge!!! the peak on gandalfs hat is metallic grey and comes in several sets. i think mine came from heroica.

  • ben

    well as ive said, good work bud

  • vadersapp

    They sort of look naked, but the Ghostbusters wear light brown jumpsuits, so... how else would you make it? It clearly doesn't match the pink and brown of their face pieces, anyway.

    Gandalf's peak wasn't fabricated it was just painted to match the color of the hat. The piece is usually a very light grey.

    And that's not a marijuana leaf either in the model or as a stock piece from lego (obviously, they don't make marijuana legos). It's tall grass or bushes and the model is of Jurassic park with the jeep and electric fences.

  • ben

    ah ok for the JP one i would have done the T-rex behind the fence, the gandalf hat seriously looks like its made from from fimo or something but hey if lego did a wonky spike well done in finding that part, as for ghost busters i would have gone with grey as its a grey khaki colour they wear, but critisim aside i recognised all but the JP and think theyre great, nice work :)

  • All very good, except the one that is the RV. That's apparently supposed to be walking dead? I'm a little confused by that one.

  • I get the grey things are zombies, but not the sideways shooting flame, the toilet, or the Neapolitan ice cream with a pirate hat.

  • vadersapp

    I think that was just the only piece he had to size for the fire. it's not meant to be sideways, just a normal campfire. The "toilet" is probably just a chair in front of the campfire and the neopolitan ice cream is meant to be Rick. From bottom to top, those are his black shoes, brown pants, white shirt, pink face and the "pirate hate" is meant to be his sherriff's hat (notice he used the same piece for Indiana Jones' hat).

  • mattinvt

    What jump? Where?

  • OrehRatiug

    Someone not understanding jumps on the internet! Here is a hint, they don't translate directly to the ones used in newspapers.

  • mattinvt

    Is that tone really necessary? So sorry if I'm not up on the latest terminology, but this is the only site in which I have encountered the term. If a jump is just a column of 17 pictures, then I guess I found it.

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