The Complete Evolution Of Wolverine's Costumes

July 19, 2013


Note: This isn't the whole graphic, you have to hit the jump to see the whole thing because I didn't want the front page to be so long you got carpal tunnel trying to scroll on your smartphone. I CARE ABOUT YOU, OKAY? You're all I've got.

This is a 'complete visual history' of Wolverine's different costumes throughout the decades as created by, who encourage you to buy one of their Wolverine costumes for Halloween this year. Or a sexy Cyclops one, they don't care, as long as you buy something. Me? I make all my costumes out of cardboard and love. Jk jk, cardboard and packing tape. Also, anybody else not remember that 1996 'noseless' Wolverine? He looks like a cross between a neanderthal and a Predator. Definitely not the sexy Wolverine we've all come to know and love and fondle ourselves to under the covers at night.

Hit the jump for the whole thing and get your history lesson on.


Thanks to Davies, who's so excited for the new Wolverine movie he started camping out last week. But can't you like, just buy tickets online now?

  • Tracarris Wince

    Love Jim Lee, but I hate the blue and gold costume. I preferred the brown one

  • Eblison Grun

    Fang and Wolverine are two totally different characters. Cockrum was fond of that silly haircut, so it's understandable Fang would get confused for Wolverine. Also, it's highly likely that Cockrum created the costume for Wolverine but didn't use it. At any rate, Fang was a member of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. Check it out.

  • Sam Hurwitt

    Yes, Fang was a totally different character, but he was introduced mostly so that Wolverine could steal his costume in that same issue, because his own uniform had been destroyed. Cockrum had designed Fang's outfit to be Wolverine's new costume, and Wolvie used it for a few issues (in X-Men and guest appearances elsewhere) before Byrne came on board and put him back in his classic uniform.

  • Fergun Connell

    What about these costumes.... oops, not really costumes, hehe.

  • ASterisk

    I grew up with the brown costume, so to me it'll always be the classic Wolvie, though I had an action figure of the Blue & Gold and always dug it. There's something about team-matching uniforms I've always thought was cool

  • Tracarris Wince

    Brown costume was my favorite, I never liked the blue outfits

  • Sooper

    Wonder if this means they'll make another Wolverine solo movie, and he'll just be straight up pantsless.

  • Ian Magus
  • Scandje Fult

    It pleases me to see that Wolverine started out as Brak's butchy brother.

  • Richard Arnold

    I seem to remember a blue and red costume where he only hand one hand? What was thsy??

  • jay h

    Yep in Weapon X and Age of Apocalypse ( 2 Extremely sweet series with Excellent art work) an Alternate reality where magneto never ripped out his adamantium and instead teaches him to control his feral rage spazz outs. In this reality he is referred to as weapon X, who loses his hand to cyclops but in turn cuts one of cyclops's freaky laser eyes out, probably to do with the fact that in this reality wolverine is banging Jean Grey. Wolverine still has full use of both his claws and the stump where his hand used to be can still spike out and retract his claws. His Costume in this is Blue and Red with no mask and I believe he has a scar on his face. I still have some of these comics!

  • Bubbubsky

    Age of Apocalypse was great, across the board. One of the best ideas Marvel had (and better than Onslaught by a wide, wide margin).

  • jay h

    Oh yeah i had that action figure, altho i think that may have been an alternate universe which thanos ruled.. or something along those lines, fuck i miss comic books

  • Rik Rahman

    The 2000 Movie (civilian)... I could have sworn I've seen him wear that leather jacket in previous cartoons and comics.

  • Gryphon81

    He wore a brown leather, "bomber" style jacket in the 90's Fox cartoon.

  • Daily Lama

    He also wore it in a few guest appearances in other books, typically when he's running around with Jubilee? I think that's who he was hanging around with. I always confused Jubilee and dazzler.

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