Surprisingly Painless: Giant LEGO Brick Slippers

July 25, 2013


These are the $25 Building Block Slippers available from ThinkGeek. Why aren't they LEGO slippers? Because why pay for licensing rights when you don't have to? That's like throwing money into the fountain at the mall. None of my wishes are gonna come true, and afterwards I won't have any quarters left over to play games at the arcade. Then when I ask my babysitter for more she'll be all, "No, you threw them all in the fountain." And I'll be like, "I don't even know why my parents pay you, I'm an adult, I can cook my own Pop-Tarts without starting a fire sometimes." Then I'll ask if she'll walk me through Victoria's Secret so I can finally learn what bras smell like.

Hit the jump to see the slippers in red.


Thanks to TBTMH, who agrees the best slippers aren't slippers at all, they're those little socks with the pom-poms on the heel.

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