Street Fighter's Blanka Knocking People Over In Real Life

July 11, 2013


These are a couple videos of Street Fighter's Blanka superimposed in clips of people falling to make it look like he's the one knocking them over. It's definitely worth a watch because 1. videos of people falling and hurting themselves are generally good to begin with and 2. Blanka is definitely VALUE ADD. Plus the video of the Atlanta grape stomping lady is one of the clips they used. I'll watch anything with her in it. "Anything?" Anything. "ANYTHING?" Except a p0rno.

Hit the jump for the video, along with part one if you haven't seen it which is also worth a watch because it has a dude putting his fist through his monitor at 1:20 playing the scary maze game.

Thanks to my pal Terry, who loves watching videos of people falling and hurting themselves almost as much as he loves sending me pornographic GIFs to try to get me fired.

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