Stop Motion Chalk Drawing Of Donkey Kong's Barrel Coming Back To Get Him On A Set Of 'Impossible Stairs'

July 19, 2013


This is a stop motion video made by 3-D chalk artist Chris Carlson of Donkey Kong sitting on a set a set of "impossible stairs" (Penrose stairs) and watching a barrel travel around them till it comes back and knocks him off. The beginning of the video is actually a time-lapse of Chris drawing the whole thing on the floor though. The stop-motion is after that. And after that? The after PARTY. *dumping champagne over head* We bout to get crazy up in here! "You're alone aren't you?" I need a hug, bad. "But you're soaked in champagne." THEN F***ING HOVER-ARM HUG ME LIKE I'M SOME CREEPER WHO WANTS HIS PICTURE WITH YOU AT A COMIC CONVENTION, SHIT.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks Chris, now how about some chalk art WITH DINOSAURS. Everybody loves dinosaurs.

  • anonimouse


  • Sh17C0que

    Real. And straight.

  • Bertw192

    I can appreciate the effort that this must have took... but I personally was not "awe" inspired. Video games and CGI have killed my generations appreciation of such things.

  • vadersapp

    Maybe it's because I'm an artist (in my free time, not professionally) but it certainly awed me. The clean work and dedication necessary for such a short and simple animation is incredible.

  • This. Keep in mind it was drawn by hand and not computer generated. Although, I would've been more impressed seeing the barrel literally chasing Donkey Kong around the stairs and the video set on a loop...

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