So It's Come To This: Little Flasks Hidden As Tampons

July 3, 2013


Because some people are willing to stop at nothing to sneak a couple shots into a concert, SmuggleYourBooze is selling these tampon flasks. They're basically 1-shot vials that you slide into the provided sleeves so they pass as tampons when security is rooting through your purse. YEAH I'VE GOT FORTY OF THEM, I'M HAVING A HEAVY DAY. I actually tried to get into a baseball game with a pocketful of these things recently and security stopped me and asked me why I had a pocketful of tampons. You know what I told him? Because my girlfriend didn't want to carry a purse and I'm a good boyfriend. Jk jk, sometimes my butt leaks when I get excited. What are you, my f***ing doctor?

Thanks to Yaz, who informed me you can also wrap airplane bottles in newspaper and write 'ANAL SUPPOSITORIES' on them with Sharpie and that works too.

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