Slimy: Tokyo Salons Offering Snail Facial Treatments

July 16, 2013


Put it in her mouth!

You know what helps keep your skin young and healthy looking? Keeping it moisturized and not baking yourself in the sun all the time. Also, $243/hour snail facials. Or at least a growing trend in Japan would have you believe so. Me? I'm smart enough to know frogs and toads are where it's at? You ever rubbed a frog on your face before? You were a weird kid.

The treatment involved allowing a special breed of African snails to travel around a customer's face.

"The mucus left behind by the snails slows the aging of skin cells," according to a spokesperson for the Clinical Salon in Tokyo.

I call shenanigans. This is just another one of those ridiculous beauty fads like that one where you put your feet in the fish tank and the little fish eat the dead skin off your toes and give you hepatitis. Except this one costs $243/hour, WHICH IS EXACTLY WHY YOU AND I ARE GOING TO OPEN A SALON. I can always find snails climbing around on the side of the apartment building after it rains. We should also do bikini waxes.

Hit the jump for a video news report.

Thank to E V I L A R E S, who's so evil he sells $400/hour blindfolded snail facials but uses cheap slugs instead!

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