Samsung Galaxy S3 Explodes, Catches Fire In Pocket

July 8, 2013


Meet 18-year old Fanny Schlatter. Fanny's right leg isn't feeling as beach-ready as it was a week ago because her Samsung Galaxy S3 allegedly exploded and caught fire in her pocket, leaving her with 2nd and 3rd degree burns on her thigh. *tosses cell phone across room* I'm not walking around with that little grenade hugging my nuts!

... all of a sudden she heard an explosion and could smell something funny. To her horror her cellphone, a Samsung Galaxy S3 had exploded in her pants and had caught fire. The flames were high enough to reach her shoulder, fortunately the young Swiss woman's life was spared by her boss's timely action who ripped her pants.

I'm gonna be honest, I probably wouldn't have noticed the funny smell as much as I would have the fact that my crotch just exploded. Of course I keep that area pretty well trimmed, so there wouldn't be a lot of hair to burn. TMI? What if I told you I have it shaved into a Triforce?

Hit the jump for a closeup of the exploded phone.


  • FirstRLast

    This is crazy! I had the same phone heat up to the point where in burned my pillow. I sent the phone back to Verizon. They said they never received it and charged me $600 bucks for the whole ordeal.

  • Da DeViL

    depends on the situation. did she damage the integrity of the battery? was she sitting in the sun?

  • Is it wrong to want to do anal with a girl named Fanny? At least afterwards we can share our love of BBQ.

  • JimmyThr

    Inb4 frivolous lawsuit....oh wait it's not in the US

  • I don't remember the S3 having a carbon fibre like rear :|

  • TwiZtedS

    That makes me wonder if she also had a third party battery in there as well? If so, then it's not really Samsung's fault, cause those cheap eBay "extended life" batteries are known to get Super hot.

  • You could really be on to something there.

    I remember the last claim that these people pushed in was because they microwaved the phone as well.

    I'm sometimes really skeptical about these kind of claims, because they may very well just not be running the official stuff, in which they have to hold blame for themselves.

  • Marcus

    hell she could be running a poorly optimized rom that could do something like this. mismanage the batteries output and such.

  • I doubt it was something like that really. Even ROM Devs should know this much, or at least pull details from stock settings.

    Someone pointed this out in the article elsewhere, in what looks to be a wireless charging back on the back of the phone. Seeing that the victim is in Switzerland, it's only fair to assume that she has the international model, which DOESN'T come with a carbon fibre-esque back, or a wireless charging module (assuming that guess is correct).

    That could very well be the reason to her "hot pants", in which Samsung would have nothing or 0 to do with her unluckiness, only herself, or maybe her friend/boyfriend/ family member who gave her a "modded" phone.

  • Macboy75

    Exactly, 50 Million+ of the SG3 sold as of March 2013, One has "exploded", sure it could happen, the same in any phone, but, it's almost certainly down to the user.

    Also, according to the source "and also filed a complaint against Samsung".

  • AtomicMountain

    I can't tell if the look of misery on her face is because of the hideous scar on her leg, or that she can't Facebook about it.

  • She should think herself lucky that she wasn't using it at the time.

  • Jen

    I wonder if there will be a recall on the phones. As an owner of an S3 I seriously hope that Samsung takes a good long look at the causes of it and rectify the situation.

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Most of the times they are just using some sort of cheap unofficial battery.

  • grimbldoo

    Her phone was protecting her from her boss who was already tearing her pants off.

  • Steve Jobs

    Dude actually she downloaded the "Anti-Rape" Application from play store.

  • grimbldoo

    It looks like it's pretty effective.

  • Kathryn Sanchez

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  • Is that an exploding S3 in your pants or are you ju... wait, no your pants are legit on fire.

  • WhiteEagle2

    This is great for the girl. She gets to sue Samsung for the burn. And she gets to sue her boss for ripping her pants off at work.

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