Samsung Galaxy S3 Explodes, Catches Fire In Pocket

July 8, 2013


Meet 18-year old Fanny Schlatter. Fanny's right leg isn't feeling as beach-ready as it was a week ago because her Samsung Galaxy S3 allegedly exploded and caught fire in her pocket, leaving her with 2nd and 3rd degree burns on her thigh. *tosses cell phone across room* I'm not walking around with that little grenade hugging my nuts!

... all of a sudden she heard an explosion and could smell something funny. To her horror her cellphone, a Samsung Galaxy S3 had exploded in her pants and had caught fire. The flames were high enough to reach her shoulder, fortunately the young Swiss woman's life was spared by her boss's timely action who ripped her pants.

I'm gonna be honest, I probably wouldn't have noticed the funny smell as much as I would have the fact that my crotch just exploded. Of course I keep that area pretty well trimmed, so there wouldn't be a lot of hair to burn. TMI? What if I told you I have it shaved into a Triforce?

Hit the jump for a closeup of the exploded phone.


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