Project X1: A Half-Scale Replica Of Vader's TIE Fighter

July 25, 2013


This is the half-scale replica of Vader's TIE Fighter built by a group of Germans for Star Wars Celebration Europe. It took over 1,000 man hours and $20,000 to build. And can you think of any better use for 1,000 man hours and $20,000? Because I can't. You think with 2,000 hours and $40,000 they could have built a full-sized one? Personally, I would have saved up for that. Oh who am I kidding, I'd spend everything on beer and lotto scratchers as soon as the money touched my hands. I got impeached as treasurer of my high school's student government.

Hit the jump for several more shots and a video.






Thanks to my pal Terry, who never wants to play space rangers with me even though I ask all the time.

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