Previously Unpublished Illustrations From Harry Potter Book Cover/Chapter Artist Mary GrandPré

July 16, 2013


This is a series of (allegedly) previously unpublished illustrations by Mary GrandPré, the artist responsible for all the American Harry Potter book covers and chapter illustrations. They're all great. Granted I've never read any of the books, but I have seen the movies. "You're missing out, the books are even better." Oh really? Because I'm pretty sure that's just something people who can read well say TO MAKE THEMSELVES FEEL SUPERIOR TO POOR READERS. You feel good about yourself now? You gonna make fun of my stutter too? Go ahead -- say something about my haircut, I know I did a bad job.

Hit the jump for fifteen more. And for the record, yes, the books are better (they always are, except for in like TWO cases).
















Thanks to PYY, who agrees house elfs should exist in real life.

  • mattmark

    "Oh really? Because I'm pretty sure that's just something people who can read well say TO MAKE THEMSELVES FEEL SUPERIOR TO POOR READERS."

    What is the basis for this curious opinion, pray tell? Sounds like sour grapes from an illiterate. By all means, enjoy the movies... but anyone with a brain in his head instead of high vacuum would realize that the literate necessarily have a 'superior' vantage from which to make a meaningful comparison.

  • svchost

    You don't have to be a reader to enjoy the books. Listen to the audiobooks before bed, in the car, at work, etc. ANYONE can listen, except for the deaf, and they'll be used to reading a lot

  • Peter Avanzino

    To me, the greatest book cover EVER is the cover to The Deathly Hallows. As soon as you read the description of how Voldemort dies: falling backwards, arms outstretched, Harry reaching up to catch the falling magic wand, it becomes apparent that that's exactly what's on the cover. The cover SHOWS the final scene, but so cleverly that you don't see it for what it is until you've read the story. Just incredible.

  • Isaac King

    Nice pics, but the book was better

  • kevin


  • kevin

    I know this is gonna sound punny but the books really are magical.
    Almost embarrassing to admit on many levels, but I read the first one for a college class, got hooked, then read the whole series within about a month.

    The best way I can describe the experience is like being a little kid and playing make-believe and knowing it's just all imagination, but also and maybe because of that, feeling the emotional weight of it at the same time.

    You really do get lost in the world.

  • RY33

    I've been reading comics since 1972 so I'm not adverse to things like "Harry Potter" but for some reason I will not go near these books and movies. Despite the number of adult males I know who love these things they strike me as something for little girls. (Truthfully, I think it's the artwork that gives me that idea. WAY too cutesy.) But your post is the closest anyone has ever come to making me even a little bit curious about them. What you are describing is something that comics and way too many movies lost a long time ago.

  • Bubbubsky

    I love the books. I love how they start out as kids' books, then slowly-but-surely become darker and more adult as the characters age. Plus, Rowling is an outstanding writer. She's not a Dan Brown or James Patterson-level hack; she writes extremely well, with care and precision, imagination, said it, magic.

  • Guest

    Just imagine the animated series in this style.

    AAAaaannnd now to go to the studios to sell my idea, wish me luck folks!

  • Anodos

    Expensive. But hey, if anythings gonna make its money back, its Harry Potter

  • Andrew Cornstubble

    i try and never ready books gw.

  • Nate Washko

    That's painfully obvious.

  • Andrew Cornstubble

    "you think yer f*ckin' tough don't ya?"

  • Michael VanWinkle

    actually it's not somthing that people "just say" to feel superior. The books have so much more than the movies, and that tends to hold true for most movies when compared to their books, because it's either not pointed out in the movie like it would be in the book or there is just to much in the book to put in a movie. With the HP series the movies can be vastly different than the books. If you cannot read them I would suggest finding a copy of the audiobooks, Stephen Fry voices the british versions and he does an amazing job. The artwork above is awesome.

  • TimDrakeFan

    But the movies are some of the best movie adaptations out there. and they did at least ONE thing right: Muggle Clothes. I like the bit where they can wear their muggle clothes out of class in the movies, whereas they are wearing robes (and hats, though I never picture that) 100% of the time in the books

  • Matty Spinny

    i cant lie... this makes me a little gitty.... okay alot gitty!

  • rikster81

    AH MAN!!!! makes me want to curl up and get lost in the harry potter series again

  • Nora Marie Gallaway

    check out the james potter series.... its like a continuation and just as good. Though sadly is not written by JKR :/

  • Bubbubsky

    They're all great. A distinctive style that captures everything.

  • Luka Mlinar

    the dragon one is epic!

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