Oh Hai There, Creepy: Bracelets Made Of Dentures

July 10, 2013


This is the Denture Bracelet made and sold by Etsy seller ConcaveOblivion. They cost $135 and are made from dental acrylics "hand-polished to high shine....." I'm not sure what the hell that "....." was all about at the end but it gave me the goosebumps. Hand polished to high shine AND WHAT? You can't leave somebody hanging at the end of a sentence when you're talking about freaky deaky tooth jewelry, now I have to know. Ooooh -- I'll write them an email and find out. Dear Etsy seller, I have a question about the bracelets you're selling. Or, should I say, the BRACESlets you're selling? HIYO -- dental joke! Hello? HELLO? I think they hung up on me. "Dammit GW, you were writing a fake email, not making a fake phone call." Shit! Just shoot to kill, don't even feel sorry for me.

Hit the jump for a shot of what the bracelet looks like being worn plus a BONUS toothy hair comb.



Thanks to lilco, who agrees these are way less creepy than the moms who make bracelets out of their children's actual baby teeth. PYSCHE, NO THEY ARE NOT.

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