New Big-Nose, Horned Dinosaur Species Announced

July 18, 2013


Meet Nasutoceratops titusi ('big-nose horned face'), a new species of dinosaur related to the triceratops that was recently discovered in Utah. I think he's kind of cute looking. I mean I'm not going to ask him to prom or anything, but only because I think it would be cruel to make him run behind the limo then have to wait outside the entire dance.

Horned dinosaurs, or "ceratopsids," were a group of big-bodied, four-footed herbivores that lived during the Late Cretaceous Period. As epitomized by Triceratops, most members of this group have huge skulls bearing a single horn over the nose, one horn over each eye, and an elongate, bony frill at the rear.

For reasons that have remained obscure, all ceratopsids have greatly enlarged nose regions at the front of the face. Nasutoceratops stands out from its relatives, however, in taking this nose expansion to an even greater extreme. Scott Sampson, the study's lead author, stated, "The jumbo-sized schnoz of Nasutoceratops likely had nothing to do with a heightened sense of smell -- since olfactory receptors occur further back in the head, adjacent to the brain -- and the function of this bizarre feature remains uncertain."

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? "The back of his head looks like a bicycle seat?" Exaaaactly. Just imagine sitting on that thing during a hot summer's day, sipping a beer, dangling your feet in a kiddy pool. *gazing off into the distance* That would be the life.

Thanks to Louis, neolardo, LupusYonderboy and Jurassic Mark, who really wish world governments would spend as much money trying to clone dinosaurs as they do on building war machines.

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