My Bedroom's In Space!: Sci-Fi Themed Door Decals

July 12, 2013


These are the Metal Core Door Sticker Decals available from Gadgets and Gear. Each $60 sticker (preorder, regularly $80) is designed to make a regular-ass door look like a different sci-fi themed door, including: airlock, armory, freight elevator, and lab door. I'm going to put an airlock one on my roommate's door, then feed him a bunch of acid and convince him we're on a spaceship and the rest of the crew has voted him out an airlock for stealing astronaut ice cream. I want him to cry like he's never cried before.

Hit the jump for a closeup of each and a shot of what they'll actually look like in your apartment.






Thanks to me, for putting a hole through my bedroom door with my face and having the perfect excuse to buy one of these things.

  • Lee

    Did anyone else think the 'Elevator' looked like a living domocile from Fifth Element?

  • Prometheus

    Oh man look at those hi-res decals!

  • Yea, the armory one looks like they blew up a a 30kb jpg to wall size and assumed it would look RAAD! It's lower resolution than the images on this post. Awful.

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