Meanwhile In Russia: A Truck Carrying Gas Tanks Crashes, They All Explode

July 19, 2013


Note: Nobody was killed in the accident so you can watch the fireworks show without feeling bad.

These are several videos of a truck in Russia transporting a load of gas canisters when it crashes and all the tanksl explode. I, for one, am never driving near a truck carrying anything again. I don't care if it's pillows, I'm taking the next exit. Also, somebody might want to give that 'How's my driving?' number on the back of the truck a call.

The crash ignited 36 tanks, which exploded -- and in some cases were propelled "like missiles" -- over a period of about ten minutes.

I love how it takes forever for anybody in the video to realize maybe being so close to a bunch of exploding gas tanks is a bad idea. Several people even GET OUT OF THEIR CARS TRYING TO CAPTURE BETTER FOOTAGE. Hardcore! Why didn't Russia win the space race? Because their balls were too f***ing heavy.

Hit the jump for a couple video of the most exciting commute ever. The first is a short video of the initial crash from two different dash-cams, the second is a longer video of the tanks continuing to explode long after the crash.

Thanks to Geoff, who would have been doing 45MPH in reverse by the time the first tank exploded.

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