Mario Power-Ups In The Style Of A Classic Still Life

July 12, 2013


Okay so they're not all power-ups, but they are all items from Mario games. I just didn't want to run the title onto two lines because sometimes I get real OCD about things like that and this was one of those times. Per artist Elizabeth Sherry:

Since making mock classical paintings is kind of my thing, I thought it would be fun to branch out from portraiture. It occurred to me that Mario had a lot of vegetables and flowers, such as may be found in a regular old-fashioned still life, and so I painted this. Every single thing in this painting came from a Mario game - even the vase.

Wow, who knew making mock classical paintings was somebody's "thing"? I've never really given much thought to what my thing is but if I had to answer off the top of my head I'd say boobies. No, butts. No, no -- boobies are definitely my thing. What's your thing? And you can't say boobies because I already called it. "Boo--" I SAID ALREADY CALLED IT.

Thanks to Amie, who doesn't need power-ups because she's just that much of a badass.

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