Man Caught Driving With Pliers For A Steering Wheel

July 24, 2013


In solid decision making news, a man in Australia was recently caught driving with a set of vice grips instead of a steering wheel. Where did the steering wheel go? No clue, but after 286,000 kilometers pieces are bound to start falling off.

Police in Australia said that a white sedan was driving dangerously in Adelaide and when they pulled it over, the car was not registered, not insured and had been involved in a previous hit and run car crash.

The driver is being charged with driving "while disqualified and returning a positive drug test." Of course.

Ahahahhaha, of course the car had been involved in a previous hit and run. Because when you hit a car when you're driving with pliers you do NOT wait around for the cops to show up. Also, is anybody really surprised that the dude failed his drug test? Because driving your car with pliers is definitely not an idea you come up with sober.

Thanks to Rhubarb, who wants to know if the pliers ever came off when dude was making a turn.

  • This_Update_Sucks

    "Vise Grips". "Vice Grips" sounds like a bad cop show.

  • jeffrey jakubowski

    im pretty sure you can buy another steering wheel for less than those locking pliers

  • sdfgssdfg

    but you'd have to go buy it, the pliers he already had. and how do you think one *gets* to the steering wheel store in a case like this? (:spoiler: see above)

  • jodamiller

    Except that's 286,000 km, which is 178,000 miles or so. My car still had its steering wheel at that point!

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