Life-Size (He's Only 5-Foot?) Mario Statues For Sale

July 31, 2013


Want your own life-size Mario statue? Back your car into the nearest Game Stop and take theirs. Well you're in luck, because Amazon Japan is selling them...for around $2,900. That's a lot. Now I'm not saying you should do the Game Stop thing I suggested earlier, but if you do, and after you get caught, you better not tell anybody I was involved. You see this? This is a switch-blade. "No, that's a switch-blade comb." You're right, but imagine if it was real switchblade, then what? "You would be stabbing me with it." I would be, and you know what I would tell everyone your last words were? I have the Taco Bell shits. Don't cross me.

Thanks to shayne, who's holding out for a more moderately priced 3-foot Toad model.

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