LEGO Unveils Official Back To The Future DeLorean Set

July 19, 2013


After receiving the requisite number of votes on the CUUSO website, being green-lit by the company, and acquiring the licensing rights, LEGO has unveiled their official Back to the Future time traveling DeLorean playset. And this is it. The limited edition drops August 1st for around $55 and comes with enough pieces to mod the car into the DeLorean from any of the three movies. We're all gonna make the flying one from Back to the Future II though, right? I imagine a few purists will build the original, but the only person to build the one from the third movie will be the same guy who bought three sets so he could have them all on display simultaneously. 'That rich bastard' we'll all call him.

Hit the jump for a closeup of the Doc and Marty minfigs.


Thanks to Ed T, who doesn't need roads where he's going (presumably because he drives on the sidewalk).

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