KERBOOM!: Video Of Lighting Blowing Up Power Lines

July 12, 2013


This is a short video of a lady filming a storm out her window when ZIPPITY ZAP, a lightning bolt takes out the power line right in front of her house. Now I'm not saying this lady willed that lightning to happen, but you and I both know she did. Really, who the hell films a rainstorm? WHY she willed it to happen is the real question here. I suspect to show the world her powers so when she demands a ransom we'll all know she means business.

Hit the jump for the video. Or just hit me in the stomach as hard as you can. I don't care, I can take.

Thanks to shim, who's convinced that was either Storm or Bellatrix LeStrange behind the camera.

  • Chelsea Richards

    It's no time to panic! One should keep in mind that the power outage will pass quickly. And unless there is an emergency, don't call 911. That number might as well ONLY be used if there is a crisis, or if somebody is harmed or in threat.

  • TR1V1UM

    Lightning, not lighting. :)

  • Guest

    So that's how one get's lightning fast power. :P

  • n_a_a_s

    too bad someone wasn't speeding down the street in a deloreon, coulda gone back in time

  • Turbosloth

    Time to do some video editing.

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