Just What I Always Wanted!: Raw Meat Gift Wrap Paper

July 17, 2013


Because if you ask a cat or child, half the fun of a present is the wrapping or box it comes in, here's some novelty raw steak wrapping paper (currently a Kickstarter). The standard set includes steak and cutting board wrapping paper, while the grade A set includes both of those, plus butcher paper, twine, a meat tray, and gift labels. Just what I always wanted, a steak! "Open it." What do you mean open it, I'm gonna grill it! This kind of reminds me how sometimes people will wrap a present in a box from something else. Like my last birthday I tear off the wrapping paper and it's a juicer and I'm all, 'OMG, a juicer! I've been wanting to try a juice diet -- this is perfect!' Then I open the juicer box and it's a VCR.

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots.








Thanks to Christine, who agrees they should make fish fillet ones too.

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