Jedi Parkour On Tatooine (Possibly Just An Earth Desert)

July 31, 2013


This is a video of a couple of parkour Jedis running around flipping off of rocks and doing a bunch of other ninja moves, all set in the inhospitable deserts of Tatooine. Or southern Utah. Looks like southern Utah. It also kind of looks like fun. Just fun enough for me to try on my run home from work today (I live in a bad area) and wind up in the hospital with a sprained ankle. "Maybe next time don't wear flip-flops." Oh I'm sorry, I must have left my official parkour equipment checklist in my other cargo shorts.

Hit the jump for the video, some sweet slow-motion shots about 2/3's of the way through.

Thanks to Cam, who's so parkour hardcore park benches try to run away from him.

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