It's That Time Of Year Again!: Live Bear Cams In Alaska

July 8, 2013


That's right folks, the salmon are headed upriver and the brown bears in Alaska are ready to eat them.'s remote controlled 'Brown Bear and Salmon cam' is there to capture the action in Brook Falls, Alaska and beam it to your computer screen all day long so you can do as little at work as possible. Boss asks what you're doing? Tell him it's a screen saver! Boss accuses you of lying? PUT A STAPLE THROUGH HIS HAND. That should shut him up. Or get you fired. Yeah, that might get you fired. I've never actually tested any of these scenarios by the way, I just like to run through them in my head when I'm eating in the car alone on my lunch break. Yeah, and then I said to him, 'The only reason I'm not your boss is because you're a brown-noser!'

Thanks to Noone Important, who would just as soon you forget about him.

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