It's Dangerous To Go Alone, BUILD YOURSELF SOME SICK-ASS ARMOR: Iron Man/Link Cosplay Mashup

July 29, 2013


This is a shot of Iron Man Link spotted at PAX Australia. He has a glowing Triforce arc reactor and Triforce hand repulsors. So -- you think he's ready to take on Ganon or not? Because I bet if Link showed up to the final boss battle flying around and shooting particle beams and laser cannons Ganon would probably mess himself. And let's face it, it's hard to take a warlock seriously after you've seen him using his own cape to wipe shit out of his armor.

Thanks to my buddy Clark, who requests a Princess Leia golden bikini/Princess Zelda cosplay mashup because he's a raving pervert and has been ever since I met him in college. Keep those tips coming, c-nasty!

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