It Was Only A Matter Of Time: Six-Laser Rotating Minigun

July 8, 2013


This is the six-laser spinning minigun built by Patrick Priebe (of Iron Man laser gauntlet fame). It has six rotating 1W blue lasers and a 100mW green laser for aiming. It doesn't really have a lot of functionality besides looking cool, but that's pretty much all the functionality people care about anyways. You know what I want? A laser cannon WITH A SOLID BEAM AS THICK AS MY ARM. Now that would be something. Hopefully something that could burn holes straight through my enemies. I heard from a reliable source that forensic experts are still in the dark when it comes to laser wounds. Okay so I made that up, but it's gotta be true. And if the cops do come looking for you just blame it on aliens. 'We don't even have that kind of technology on earth!' I imagine myself saying while trying to hide the Mega Man blaster behind my back.

Hit the jump for a video of the laser being demoed, with bonus balloon popping footage at the end.

Thanks to Charles Vondoom, who's clearly a supervillain.

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