I'm In: $400 Mini Drift/Drive In Any Direction Go-Karts

July 12, 2013


Razor, best known for reinventing the scooter (or at least making a shit-ton of cash money selling the things), has just unveiled the $400 Crazy Cart, an electric go-kart that can drive and drift in any direction. It looks like it goes pretty fast too. The bad news: a full battery only gets you 40-minutes of crazy carting, and it takes 12 long, depressing hours to charge it again. Also, it says the weight limit is 140-lbs (63-kg). For reference, I'm like 190 pounds OF ROCK-HARD MUSCLE. Jk jk, I would look like a melting ice cream cone oozing over the sides of that thing. Still, they're sold exclusively at Toys R Us, so I'm gonna head down there and take one out of the package and see whether or not it breaks when I sit on it. If it doesn't, I'm drifting that f***er straight out the automatic door and into the bumper of a truck.

Hit the jump for the video. Then somebody that's like in the 170-220 pound range get one and let us know if it can support your weight.

Thanks to bamboo, Shane and z_nar, who prefer drifting aimlessly. SAME! We should all hobo it up on a train to who-cares-where.

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