I'm Going: Life Size Chrome T-Rex On Display In Paris

July 8, 2013


This is the life-size chrome t-rex built by artist Philippe Pasqua and on display near the Seine River in Paris. I smell a field trip! Jk jk, I smell the tuna salad sandwich that's been sitting at the top of my kitchen trashcan for three days that I can't take out because I'm all out of bags.

350 chrome molded bones create the framework for the 3 by 6 meter (12' by 21') contemporary artwork. the t-rex, a fixture in popular culture, is characterized by its massive skull, long powerful tail, and treacherous teeth, all which are exemplified in pasqua's skeletal construction. the towering silver structure surprises passers-by, synthesizing the relationship between artistry and shock value.

Listen: you're finally going to take me to Paris like you've always promised, and you're going to snap a bunch of pictures of me riding this thing, okay? I want you to promise me. And I want you to mean it, not like every other time you've promised you'd take me to the beach for our anniversary. *peeling off shirt* I can't even remember the last time I got to aim these tits at a sailboat.

Hit the jump for a head-on shot.


Thanks to Cheesus, who agrees we should bring our little picks and get archeological on that mother.

See the original article on designboom here.

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