I'm Flying, Jack!: A Taxidermied Ostrich Quadrocopter

July 31, 2013


For the record, I will never not use that Titanic quote whenever I can, I just can't help it. It's like picking and eating scabs to me. Remember that taxidermied cat quadrocopter? Well here's an ostrich one. It's cool because, like, ostriches probably spend their whole lives dreaming of being able to fly. And now, this one can. Just look at that smile on his face. No? Not a smile? Oh. Well how about how his eyes are aglow with happiness! "Those are marbles." Jesus, really? Man, that poor f***er.

Hit the jump for a video of the ostrich's second flight ever.

Thanks to Danke and paul r, who already have plans to build a giant taxidermied whale quadrocopter and win this trend.

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