I'm Dizzy Already: The Upside-Down Laptop Stand

July 25, 2013


This is the $65 WorkEZ Executive laptop desk. WorkEZ, really? People are still naming shit like that? It can function as a traditional laptop mount, a TV dinner style stand, AND EVEN BE USED UPSIDE DOWN. I can't imagine typing upside down being comfortable though. No, I'm pretty sure this was designed for laptop-in-bed masturbators. You could try to argue otherwise, but I'll put my fingers in my ears and hum the Star Spangled Banner until you admit defeat. They used to love me on the debate team. Well, the other teams did.

Thanks to me, for not being such a chronic masturbator that it plays a part in my laptop desk purchasing decisions.

  • Miris Place

    the link seems to lead to a different product (that doesn't do upside down. no straps. no hooks)

  • Vivian Li

    I honestly flipped my shit when I came up with this exact same idea (upside-down laptop holder) several months ago, and did an internet search shortly afterwards and found that this idea had already been thought of, patented, and marketed.

  • Wir haben vor kurzem holte James Olander, der Konstrukteur und Erfinder der Roost, eine leichte, faltbare Laptopständer aus Kohlefaser und Delrin, einem speziellen Kunststoff, zu hören, zu hören, wie man navigiert die komplexe Welt der Crowdfunding, Konstruktion und Fertigung seiner starten Produkt.

  • Lee

    Im sure it could help people alleviate migraines in that position.

    Yes when I saw it I already thought porn.

    1-Up From that though is someone gaming whilst getting laid and using the partners back as a an arm rest!

  • All of them Katie

    "It can functional as a traditional laptop mount," *eye twitch*

  • Jacquelyn Gigli

    That makes my arms hurt and go numb just looking at it!! Horrible idea. Sorry. Lol!

  • Roofus Doofus

    The most upsetting thing about this is that I cannot see down her shirt. Damn prudes.

  • taran420

    How long before the laptop gives way and smacks someone in the face?

  • NinjahLink

    This is my first time ever posting on Geekologie ><. That means that I get free stuff, right?

  • WhiteEagle2

    It has a "troll sensor" and detaches the laptop in the event trolling detected.

  • NinjahLink

    Does this mean I get a free laptop stand?

  • NinjahLink

    Hehehehe first. ^^"

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