I'm Crushing My Head: Father Edits Mario-64 So His Son Can Stomp Goombas With His Own Face On Them

July 9, 2013


Father and Redditor pourmeanother77 (no you pour me one) edited a texture pack in Mario 64 so his son could play the game and stomp goombas with his own face on them. Heck yeah, crushing yourself! Feels GOOD. I remember the last time I stomped on my own face. I'm kidding, that's never happened. But I did just grab my fat rolls between my hands and jiggle them around a bit. I could hear the Carnation Instant Breakfast swishing around in my stomach. It sounded like a ghost moaning, "In an hour I'll be gasssssss."

Hit the jump for a closeup.


Thanks to ChaosLex, who loves chaos so much he edited a texture pack to make goombas look like all his friend's faces then invites them over to watch them stomp them yelling, "YOU LIKE THAT? DO YOU?!"

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