$$$: The Cost Of Being A Superhero, Then Versus Now

July 30, 2013


These are a series of five infographics (Spider-Man, Batman, The Hulk, Superman and Wolverine) created by Mashable that show the cost of being a superhero the year they made their first appearance versus now. I have no clue if they're accurate or not so don't come complaining to me if you have a problem with them. Like they say, don't shoot the messenger. "Then get off my porch." WELL YOU CAN STILL TIP ME. "I'll count to three." Fine, but I'll be back when you least expect it to throw flaming shit at your door.

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Thanks to lilco, who agrees the real cost of being a superhero is the constant responsibility. You're not even supposed to take vacations.

  • My Poor Friend Me

    If by "Clark Kent suit" they mean what Clark Kent wears to work at the Daily Planet, the $1,510 figure is absurd. I guarantee no newspaper reporter is wearing a $1,510 suit unless he just won the lottery. If a present-day newspaper reporter is wearing a suit at all -- unlikely, because nearly all modern newsrooms tend to be business casual -- it was bought off-the-rack and on clearance. $500 at most, and that's pushing it.

  • whacko

    TIL that Bruce Banner wears $4000 worth of clothing every single day. They must pay homeless fugitives a lot better than they used to.

  • rover710

    im pretty sure that by "every single time" they meant that he has to REPLACE his clothes every time he unleashes hulk. so i think the 4k is yearly of how much it cost him to replenish his wardrobe. not the price per shirt and jeans.

  • Benjamin F. Ossoff

    How do you put a price on adamantium, anyway? As far as I know, there is no such thing...

  • George Evans

    since when did a phD cost 190k?

  • McfeelySmackup

    Uh..so, where exactly could I buy a fucking Wayne Manor mansion for $400k?

    Or are they not including the purchase price, only the annual upkeep? If that's the case, then everything ELSE is bullshit...it's not like Wolverine had to cut someone a check for his adamantium skeleton....and it doesn't have much upkeep expense.

    I don't even know how you're supposed to come up with numbers for what something cost that was built at basically zero cost by a kid in his basement (web shooters).

    And $275 a year for Wolverines "cohiba cigars"? I'll cut some slack and assume they mean Dominican rather than cubans, but at best case prices that's about 35 cigars a year. I somehow never imagined Wolverine nursing a cigar for 10 days.

  • Daily Lama

    This is the dumbest write up I've ever seen. The 2 biggest Issues for me are:
    $25,000 for kryptonite? That's it? I can buy a chunk of a dead planet that neutralizes superman for less than a decent car?

    And my personal favorite...Bruce banner's shirt and pants are $4200 every time? Really?
    Whoever put this together should be ashamed of how bad it is.

  • rover710

    im pretty sure that by "every single time" they meant that he has to REPLACE his clothes every time he unleashes hulk. so i think the 4k is yearly of how much it cost him to replenish his wardrobe. not the price per shirt and jeans

  • australia

    my advanced science degree in australia is $24k

  • Benjamin Schools

    This is pretty retarded. No adjustment for inflation? Come on. Never go full potato.

  • Why does the hulks pants cost 4 grand every time he replaces them, are they covered with sparkles and diamonds or something? x_X

  • $18889437

    This doesn't even make sense... adjusted for inflation the current US dollar is worth about 16 dollars vs. 1939. Assuming we're comparing apples to apples a 444,000 dollar home now would cost more like 26,000 in 1939.

  • Bubbubsky

    Agree. It's stupid, and poorly done.

  • Ed Hopkins

    The early Batman and Wolverine costumes do not match the years given. And the prices appear to be way off. This is not geek worthy.

  • TheChappellShow


  • taran420


  • Soylent Green Is People

    Shit ain't even close to accurate. I'm pretty sure the value of Wayne Manor is a sight more than $444 000. It's a fucking mansion with multiple wings. Guaranteed that's over $10 million just for the property and house.

  • E\m/ily

    they're calculating the upkeep of the manor, not the value. he already inherited that shit

  • McfeelySmackup

    then why is Wolverines skeleton $23 million? He didn't BUY it.

    and the Batcave costs $54million a year for upkeep? a cave?

    Basically the artist sketched up some old/net mashups of superhero looks and then made a REALLY half assed effort at an infographic out of it. it's a massive failure.

  • Sotesf

    Pretty sure fake glasses for superman are below $10 nowadays there's some in the Halloween section right now (with plastic lenses but still)
    ...and common prescription glasses are like $3 in near the sunglasses section

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