$$$: The Cost Of Being A Superhero, Then Versus Now

July 30, 2013


These are a series of five infographics (Spider-Man, Batman, The Hulk, Superman and Wolverine) created by Mashable that show the cost of being a superhero the year they made their first appearance versus now. I have no clue if they're accurate or not so don't come complaining to me if you have a problem with them. Like they say, don't shoot the messenger. "Then get off my porch." WELL YOU CAN STILL TIP ME. "I'll count to three." Fine, but I'll be back when you least expect it to throw flaming shit at your door.

Hit the jump for the other four.





Thanks to lilco, who agrees the real cost of being a superhero is the constant responsibility. You're not even supposed to take vacations.

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