How Loud Of A Sound Does It Take To Move A Person?

July 30, 2013


Dude -- don't Fus Ro Dah your companion!

This is another informational video from Jake Roper of vsauce3 discussing how loud something would have to be to actually move a person. And I'm not just talking about your balls jiggling at a rave, I'm talking about getting thrown around like the Fus Ro Dah dragon shout in Skyrim. Granted that shout is actually magic and doesn't move your foes with sound, but let's not think about this too hard. We're here to enjoy ourselves.

In the masterpiece Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, Shredder is blown out of a window by a giant speaker. How loud would a sound need to be to physically move a person and, more specifically in the game Skyrim, how powerful of a shout is Fus Ro Dah to throw people great distances? WELL GOOD NEWS, we answer that very question. Also, what if we turned the volume up to 11...hundred dB? What kind of soul crushing damage would happen then?

One time I woke my roommate up with a leaf blower. He wasn't into it. But did that stop me from waking him up with a jackhammer the next day? NOPE, the rental cost of jackhammers did. Come on, I only need it for 30 minutes! Ooooooh -- how much for the backhoe?

Hit he jump for the video.

Thanks Jake, how about a video about what would happen if everyone on earth jumped at the same time.

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