Hidden Nature Cam Captures Wild Bear Dance Party

July 29, 2013


This is a time-lapse of bears getting freaky-deaky on a scratching tree in the great outdoors of Alberta, Canada. Well, the great outdoors with power lines in the background anyways. The camera was set up by wildlife lover Glenn Naylor, who is apparently into this sort of thing. And, I'll admit it: so am I. I've always felt very close to bears. Like, I just want to do my own thing in the woods all day AND MAUL ANYBODY'S FACE OFF who gets in my way. You know, the simple life. Plus you get to hibernate for like half the year and those Charmin bears have even got the hookup on that toilet paper that doesn't leave butt crumbs.

Hit the jump for the video, but skip to around 0:45 if you want to get straight to the party.

Thanks to fourchinnigan, who's patronus is a bear and I'm jealous because mine is a chicken.

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