FOX Commisions A 'Hyper Realistic' Dexter Morgan Cake

July 3, 2013


FOX commissioned a campaign for 'Dexter' from creative agency Cakehead Loves (of Resident Evil butcher shop fame) to celebrate the show's last season, which starts airing this Sunday. So Cakehead Loves got together with Annabel of the Conjurer's Kitchen (and realistic chocolate baby heads fame) to make this lifelike Dexter Morgan cake. I'd take a stab at it.

Inspired by the name of Dexter's boat - A Slice of Life - the cake was 5ft 10" long, the same height as Michael C. Hall, the actor who has played Dexter for the past eight years. The entire cake took over 100 hours to make and weighed over 105 kilograms. 24 eggs, 25 kilograms of flour, 16 kilograms of buttercream, 18 kilograms of sugar, 20 kilograms of sugar paste and marzipan, and 15 kilograms of buttercream were used in the creation of the edible masterpiece. 20 blood oranges were also used, the cake flavour inspired by the iconic titles of the series.

You excited for the last season? Honestly, I had to stop watching after the season with John Lithgow in it because I'm really impressionable and I felt like the show was MAKING me a serial killer. And if there's one thing my family doesn't need, it's another reason to be ashamed of me. Remember that whole Enron fiasco? That was me.

Hit the jump for a bunch more of Dexter getting cut up.










*Photos by A J Pilkington / Manicks Production

Thanks to Miss Cakehead herself, who, God willing, will be able to make my dreams of a Jason Statham themed birthday extravaganza come true.

  • Anthony

    Did you guys just ruin the ending of the show? Dexter for sure dies?

  • jupriloen

    he looks like damien lewis

  • thatcando

    this is so wrong.. i mean.. did they ever watch the season at all?

  • myklspaderr

    Agreed, it looks absolutely nothing like Hall.

  • Edith J. Bullard

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  • rofl that looks nothing like Michael c. hall. It looks like a hillbilly wood carving you'd see in frontierland in Disneyland.
    Also, TITTIES!

  • Darebear

    Haha! You nailed it!

  • Myers 1031

    Uh....the new season of Dexter started last Sunday.

  • Dsembr

    I think this is for the UK premiere, which airs on FOX.

  • Myers 1031

    Ah yes, that makes sense.

  • BGred

    On Showtime. It says on Fox

  • Myers 1031

    Good point, but I can not see them showing Dexter instead of Family Guy and American Dad. I guess we will see.

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