Finally, An Exoskeleton Suit For Japanese Schoolgirls

July 10, 2013


This is some wack-ass infomercial narrated by 'Scarface Santaro' (don't ask me) for Sagawa Electronics' Powered Jacket MK3, a $125,000 exoskeletal suit that gives its wearer added height and strength. Think of it as a way more expensive, slightly stronger version of yourself that always has to duck through doorways. I'm gonna be honest, it looks kind of flimsy. I'm not saying I'd be willing to fight anybody wearing the thing, but I would and I would win and then the crowd would carry me off on their shoulders like I've always dreamed of but never experienced because I suck at all sports. Could you imagine if this is the best technology we had available when the monsters in 'Pacific Rim' started attacking? We'd be so f***ed.

Hit the jump for a video of the WTF'ery in action.

Thanks to Nathaniel, who doesn't want to be taller or stronger because he has a positive self image and loves himself just the way he is. That's the spirit!

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