Earth As Seen From Saturn (900-Million Miles Away)

July 24, 2013


This is a shot of earth as seen from the Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn some 900-million miles away. OH SHIT IS THAT AN ALIEN SPACESHIP POINTED AT US?

Earth rarely shows up in Cassini's images because from the spacecraft's perspective, our planet is usually too close to the sun to photograph.

But on Friday, Saturn moved between Cassini and the sun, casting the spacecraft in shadow and allowing it to look back toward the inner solar system without the risk of ruining the detectors on its cameras. Thanks to this orbital geometry, Saturn's rings were also backlit by the sun, giving Cassini the rare opportunity to snap images of the powdery dust in Saturn's rings in hyper-sharp detail.

I still can't believe humanity has the capability to send spacecrafts 900-million miles away and have them actually work. Because when I went to Space Camp we launched model rockets with crickets in them and mine exploded on the launchpad and all I could find was a leg.

Thanks to Ferrous and ChaosLex, who love space so much sometimes they just lie in the grass gazing at the stars and thinking really deep thoughts.

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