Damn Bro, Wear A Grocery Bag: Terrifying Joker Portraits

July 11, 2013


Kissing booth profits: $0

These are two terrifying portraits of the Joker created by DeviantARTist K4ll0. Clearly she knows how to capture the essence of her subject. Me? I suck at capturing anything but fireflies on a warm summer's night. Just close your eyes and imagine this: you, me, a blanket and a bottle of wine -- just laughing under the stars. Maybe we'll take our shoes off and run around in the wet grass barefoot -- not a care in the world. THEN WE GET IN A BIG FIGHT AND I STORM OFF AND LEAVE YOU THERE. Magical, right?

Hit the jump for another shot of the face only a Harley Quinn could love.


Thanks to carey, who agrees that is not the face you want to run into in a dark alley. As a matter of fact, unless the face is glowing and yelling "RELAX -- I'M AN ANGEL, I'M AN ANGEL!" I'm not sure I want to meet any faces in a dark alley.

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