Dammit Japan, Enough Is Enough: Anime Girl Full-Body Pillow Covers With Gel Insert Breasts And Asses

July 17, 2013


Because there is literally no end to some Japanese men's perversion, this is a series of full-body pillow covers of video game character Super Sonico that come with gel inserts to give her 3-D squeezable ass and boobs. Laugh so you don't cry, GW, laugh so you don't cry.

Hit the jump for uncensored shots of both the ass and boob models, as well as a BONUS video of some creeper squeezing the pillow's breasts for 45-seconds straight.





Thanks to shayne, who can't understand why they won't just make one pillow case with both sides. Easy -- it's called selling 2x the pillow cases.

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